Registration of a vehicle imported in accordance with European standards (known as community reception)

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The request is made by mail only. Download and complete the application form
Documents forming your file return:

Foreign Carte Grise (ORIGINAL) + copy
Your foreign registration certificate in original (gray card)

Application for certificate of registration of a vehicle (ORIGINAL)
Application for certificate of registration of a vehicle (original) completed and signed.
There must be consistency between the name certificate transfer and registration application.
CAUTION: If there is a co-holder, his signature must also appear on the registration certificate request.

Application for registration VO CERFA No. 13750 * 03 (online editable)
Application for registration VO CERFA No. 13750 * 03
Manual registration application, CERFA No. 13750 * 03 (manual)

Copy invoice or assignment
On the invoice must include company name, purchase amount and stamp
The assignment must include the full name buyer and seller, the purchase amount and signed by both parties

Discharge Tax: Certificate of acquisition of a vehicle issued by the Internal Revenue Service (ORIGINAL)
Tax clearance certificate issued by the master recipe taxes that VAT has been paid in France on the vehicle.

Copy of the technical control of less than 6 months for the vehicles over 4 years
If the vehicle has more than 4 years, the minutes of the periodic technical inspection (inspection) to have been made in France in the 6 months preceding the date of filing of the application for a new certificate of registration (or less than 2 months if a visit was cons-prescribed)
Important: This is the date of entry of the folder that is taken into account and not the date of order!

Original European certificate of conformity (COC)
European Certificate of Conformity (COC) original

Mandate to be fulfilled by allowing yourself to make arrangements vehicle registration with the Ministry of the Interior, completed and signed. The VIN number to inquire about the mandate is the case 'E' gray card.

Download the mandate in favor of

Copy of the front / back of a valid ID
A recto / verso of a national identity card valid, a valid passport or a driving license.

Proof of residence of less than 6 months
A copy or an original phone bill, electricity less than six months or a copy of the last tax (List of accepted proof of residence).

! CAUTION: The water bills are not accepted!

See the list of accepted proof of residence

Your steps:
Registration of a new vehicle French
Registration of a vehicle during
Request for Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)

You want to order:
Order online your European Certificate of Compliance (COC)
Order online your Certificate of Registration (Carte Grise)