Official forms (documents CERFA)

Cerfa forms are standardized and allow you to approach your registration application for your vehicle. A carefully fill.

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Sale, Transfer of a vehicle

Certificate of transfer of a vehicle. PDF form (editable online) completed and signed by the previous owner.
The blue box "Certificate of sale" must be filled only if it is a sale. If it is a free transfer, only the box "sold" is check. Copy No 1 is for the purchaser, the second is for the prefecture and the last shall be retained by the seller.

Certificate of Assignment, CERFA No. 13754 * 01 (manual)
Certificate of Assignment, CERFA No. 13754 * 01 (online editable)
Certificate of Assignment, CERFA No. 13754 * 01

Certificate of non-pledge administrative situation
Request for certificate of registration or non-registration of lien on a motor vehicle. This certificate says non-guarantee must be given to the purchaser by the vendor for French vehicle. This document is not mandatory in the constitution of the application for registration, it can only guarantee to the buyer that the sale of the vehicle is not blocked by the Administration.

Application for a certificate of non-pledge administrative situation

Registration of a vehicle

Application for registration for a vehicle used for the following procedures:

change in ownership,

change of residence,
correction of a mistake on the gray card


Application for registration, CERFA No. 13750 * 03 (manual)
Registration application used vehicle, CERFA No. 13750 * 03 (online editable)
Registration application used vehicle, CERFA No. 13 750 * 03

New vehicle registration application, CERFA No. 13 749 * 01
Declaration of loss or theft, CERFA No. 13753 * 01

Mandate in favor of

Mandate a license authorizing perform on your behalf approaches your vehicle registration with the Ministry of the Interior.

Download the mandate in favor of

Order my certificate of conformity by mail

Download and complete the application form by mail

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Registration of a new vehicle French
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Registration of a vehicle imported
Request for Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)

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