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Our relationships, our skills and expertise are put to profit, both to individuals and professionals.

Help you, make your life easier and save you time in your administrative ( certificates of conformity, certificat of registration, etc. ..) are our first targets.

OCertificat.com offers you deliver throughout the European, your Certificate of Conformity for more than 30 different brands.

We also offer you your license plates at very competitive prices, we are authorized and registered with the Ministry of Interior (accreditation No. 29529 and approval No. 36126) finite queues in the prefecture for the getting your certificate of registration.

OCertificat.com issued you your certificate of registration in a very short time.

Who is behind OCertificate.com?

Back from Germany to France following a purchase of a used vehicle in early 2011, SO Samnel faced like any importer of the vehicle approach for the Certificate of Conformity for registered power his vehicle in France.

With experience in the field for several years, the Certificate of Conformity was a mere formality.

A chance meeting in a prefecture eve friend with whom he shared the benches of the school, had been denied registration of his vehicle imported incomplete lack of Certificate of Conformity.

Discussion over coffee, and returning the idea came to him to gather several constructors on the same website and offer the Certificate of Conformity on the web.

Samnel SO then launched in March 2011 and founded his company Eastchoice & SO in reference to the geographical position of the company located in France and his last name.

Its sign ocertificat.com in reference to the COC and Europe.

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